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Here you can place your poems for other to see and  inspire them also.

 Sweet Heart

Something about you made me stop and think,
Wondering how our love has lasted.
Maybe now we can see the missing link,
Throughout the turmoil in our past.

My life is now complete because of you,
You're my life, my sweetheart.
We know what we need to do.
All we need is a good start.

Loving you is so easy, because I can believe,
That our future together can last a life time.
But I hope that our feelings will not deceive,
Its not a fairytale or nursery rhyme.

It is a love so strong and true,
Throughout the rest of our lives.
And what I know is that I love you,
A love that will always survive.

Amanda Ward

Copyright 2005 Amanda Ward(m00ng0ddess24)

Ever After
bite the bullet as the screams fill your head
the torturous sounds of lives gone to waste
memories broken, hearts erased, lies unspoken,
with dreams unwoken, left all but forgotten in our haste
to depart from all we know and all thats mundane
and answer the prayers of a thousand hearts that yearn
for peace and love like a man in the desert of this discontent
for a sip of the fountain of truth where we all should learn
to love at least ourselves and not to turn the other way
when life skews sideways, and all we have left is the one we unjustly hate;
stand on the edge of the abyss, look deep into its very core
let it not turn to a mirror-- don't resign yourself to that fate
the bullets, they shall be melted!
the screams, they shall subside!
so i make this one last promise to life's foul end,
you'll know its never too late, and in peace ever after you shall reside.
By: Lady Aradia

the mystery inside of me, of you
takes away all our hopes and dreams
it dances in our fleshless skulls and
makes life be never exactly what it seems
theres this phantom cat stealing into
our dreams each night
clawing, pawing and tearing at our fragile hearts
and never sees anything bright
this void we call life is but
a rite of passage to our better selves
its just a dream in the darkest corners
of our souls -- not even noticing how carelessly it delves
into the few secrets we hold so very dear
oh if not for those ones we love, but never can let know
we'd perish at the hands of a being never seen
freezing our hearts like a blanket of the purest driven snow
surrounding our very cores even as we fight
to be set free of our loving barbed wire chains of eternity
fight the phantom please, oh my dear, and my darling love
let me dare to be happy...let me dare to be free...
And as i speak it, So Mote It Be!
By: Lady Aradia

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