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Welcome to the blessings page. Here you can send out prayers to the goddess and god , and also send blessings to ones who have passed through the veil. Light a candle and send a blessing to ones that have passed and send prayers for the ones that are still with us. If you have any questions contact Lady Morgaine or the other council members.
 Blessed Be!


First and foremost I would like to send out our energy to the troops across seas and see them to a safe return.

 In Honor of the passing of
 - Lord James A Grayson -
Lord Gray passed on to be with the Mother Goddess on March 9, 2005 at 5:35 am. And with a heavy heart I send to him my energy so that he may have guidance into his next life and may it be filled with all the love and friends that he had in this one. His last wish was that we finish what we started and not to be sad for him for the Mother Goddess has called him home. I will truely miss him greatly, even though I have not known him long. We all should take a moment in rememberance of him. And light a candle in his honor.
~To you Lord Gray- Blessed Be~

The Passing of the Pope
The passing of the Pope weighs heavy on our hearts and minds, but he has gone on to the next chapter of his life. May the Goddess watch over and guide him.

A Blessing for Lady Witchy's Mother
We want to send out our healing energy to Lady Witchy's Mother for she is having heart problems and is in the hospital. May the Mother Goddess be with her and take her in her healing hands! I will light a white candle for her.

Also I would like to send out healing energy to Lady Misery to help her get rid of her cold.
For Blake McCoy
 This is Rainy's and Doublet's mother. She is in the hospital right now and is  in ICU at this time . May the
Mother Goddess be with her and may we send her all the healing energy we can give.

May the Goddess help and guide you through this rough time. Making a decision on the right path is hard, but my energy goes out to you. In the end may the blessings of the Goddess guide you and may you take the right path that is for you.