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There are so many ways to read playing cards. And it might confuse people on the difference.Here are some you can use now.

Can I Win The Love I Desire?
Shuffle the deck of cards while thinking of the one you desire. Starting with the top card lay it face up in horizontal rows of seven cards. Starting at the left and endin on the right. If the Ace of Hearts are before the Ace of Spades. You will win the  heart of the one you desire.
Three Wishes 
Will my wish come true?
Shuffle the deck while thinking of your wish. Deal the cards faceup. Remember the Nine of Hearts is the wish card, and the Ten of Spades is the disappointment card. If the the Nine of Hearts appears before the Ten of Spades your wish will be granted.
Will I get my wish?
Shuffle the deck deal thirteen cards from anywhere in the deck. Deal them facedown on the table. Turn the cards face up. If one or more aces appear place the aces to one side. Shuffle the remaining cards and again deal thirteen. As before, remove any aces that appear. Repeat the process once more( three times in all). If in the three deals all four aces have appeared, you will get your wish.
Will my wish be granted?
Shuffle the cards thinking of your wish. Hold the deck face down,remove every seventh card and place it in a different pile. The results of those seven cards will answer your question. Turn the cards faceup; if the Nine of hearts (theWish card) is among them, you will get your wish.
Will That Special Person Contact Me?
Shuffle the deck. Ask your question as you remove seven cards from the deck. If you have four or more red ones your answer is yes if it is black the answer is no.
Is My lover Faithful?
Choose a court card (a face card) to be your lover.  Then place the card back in the deck. Shuffle the deck and split it into 3 piles. Turn the piles face up. In the 1st pile fan it. If your lover is there It is likely he is faithful. Look in the second and third pile for your court card. If he is in the second pile he flirts with other women. Check out the the two cards to the left  and the two to the right of you face card. If two or more are red, nothing serious will happen between him and the other woman. If you have to fan the third pile to find your lovers card he is likely to be unfaithful.  To gain insight into whom he is or will be seeing, read the three cards to the left and the three to the right of his court card.
To Choose Between Four Lovers
Questions to ask:
Which of the four lovers will ask me out?
Which of the four lovers will be the best lover?
Which of the four lovers will make me happiest?
Which of the four lovers would be unfaithful to me?
Which of the four lovers will cause me most heartache?
Which of the four lovers loves me most?
Which of the four lovers will fulfill my wish?
Which of the four lovers is most bad-tempered?
If you are a woman as king the question, remove the four kings from the deck and place them face up. Each king will be a different lover. If you are a man you would use the Queens. Shuffle the rest of the cards while concentrating on your chosen question. Turn up the top card and place it face up under the 1st king. You are building four columns that will run downwards,  so remove the second card from the shuffled deck and place it under the second king and so on. Your Question will be answered if the card matches the suit it is underneath. After each question is answered, you may choose another question and continue dealing where you left off. When you have run out of cards. Look thru each of the four piles and fan them out. Compare the amount of love(hearts), Money(diamonds)Arguments(spades),and problems(clubs) you would have with each partner.

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